Welcome to ContestforWin.com

Hello! My name is Katherine. It’s nice to meet you! I’m the founder and author of ContestforWin.com.

When I’m not writing blog posts, it’s most likely that I’m spending my time with my husband and our two kids exploring our cozy Midwestern suburb.

I’m enthusiastic about living a life that matters, and I love to help other people do the same. I set out on my own path to intentional living years ago. I love the sense of happiness and of peace that this type of living has opened for me and my family!

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My goal is to encourage and inspire people who want to set out on their own path to living a simpler and more fulfilling life. Along the way, I also provide tips for how to manage and simplify your lifestyle, with information related to career, health, home life and finances.

Specific topics you’ll find here on ContestforWin.com include:

  • How to be frugal and save money.
  • Freelance work and self-employment.
  • Re-setting your life with healthy habits
  • Cleaning, organizing and decluttering your home.
  • Finding and creating gratitude and happiness in your relationships and in your life in general.
  • Tips on goal-setting, time management and productivity.
  • Fun ideas for families.
  • Motherhood, general parenting, and ways to be a positive example for your kids.
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