Learn to Slow Down so You Can Live Longer
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Learn to Slow Down so You Can Live Longer

You have two ways that you can live your life, either you can live a life that doesn’t last as long, or you can live a life that lasts longer and with fewer holdbacks.

You can make changes in your life to help you live longer and healthier.

New Idea of Age

Getting older happens to everyone and you cannot stop it. As you get older, embrace it, and think about all of the wisdom you will gain.

When you have a better outlook on getting older, you will see it as a positive instead of a negative and that can help you to be healthier.

Eat Yogurt

You need to have enough calcium in your diet and that means that if you want to be healthier and have less of a risk of osteoporosis, you can eat things with calcium such as Greek yogurt.


Learn to meditate and this can take away your stress. This can cause you to live a longer life. When you are stressed, you have to find a way to destress and learn to get rid of your stress. This can happen by meditating.


When you are in the sun, it can give you vitamin c but too much sun can be bad for you. You need to make sure that you always wear sunscreen and that you protect your eyes and your skin from too much sun and UV rays.

Being exposed to too many UV rays can cause you to have cataracts and cause you to have age related skin. By protecting your skin, you will look younger and feel younger.

Brain Stimulation

Pay attention to how you stimulate your brain and make sure that you value the time that you spend reading and doing other things. Process information as well as you can in your life, and you will see that you will feel younger.


People that workout more have a less chance of having strokes, depression, and other diseases. This can help you to stay younger and to feel better.

Try walking each day and do activities that can help you to stay younger.

Weight Training

Weight training can help you to be stronger and help you to look younger. This also helps your genes to be younger.

Have Fun

Learn to have fun and hang out with people that you love in your life. They can help you to live a better life and to lengthen it.

Having social ties can be as important as exercising and doing other things to stay younger.

Get Married

Find someone to get married because studies show that people that are married have less anxiety and depression.

Make sure you find a partner in your life that will support you.

Do Volunteer Work

By volunteering and helping others, you can live longer. This can reduce your chances of death by 25%.

This happens because when you help others, you feel that your life is useful and that you are important. This can also increase your oxytocin and your progesterone and regulate your hormones.

Dark Chocolate

Eat dark chocolate if you want to stimulate your brain. This can also help to lower your blood pressure and keep you healthy.


Make sure that you are getting eight hours of sleep each day. Adults that get enough sleep are less likely to have strokes and heart attacks.

Get a Pet

It has been shown that having a pet can help to increase your health. Having pets can decrease your stress level and help to increase your immunity. It can also help you to live a longer life.

Be Conscientious of Life

Pay attention to what is going on in your life and learn to organize and have discipline. You also need to work on having self-control and doing things and sticking to your goals. By doing this, you can lower your chances of heart disease and stroke.

Find Your Purpose

Find a purpose in your life. This is one of the best ways that you can live a longer life. Make sure that you do what you can to reach your goals.

Eat Good

Eat food until you are only about 80% full and then stop. This can help you not to overeat. Here are some things you should do to not eat as much:

  • Stop eating when you are satisfied.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Use smaller plates so that you have smaller portions.
  • Eat less than you need and then see if you are hungry in about 20 minutes.


Some experts say that we can decide how we want to increase our lifespan by the things we do in our lives. Experts show that genes only play around 10% of the length of life that you will have, and the rest is your habits. Learn to live better and have a longer life.

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