Personality Set or Can it Change
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Is your Personality Set or Can it Change?

Some people wonder if they can change their personalities and become better people. While some believe that since the personality is inherited that change cannot come, others believe that we do in fact change parts of our personality over our lifetime.

Personality is the characteristics and qualities that we have that give us the character that we have. Most of these things that you have you have had your entire life. If you are someone that is positive and likes to take risks, chances are you have always been this way.

Most people have traits as well that have been with them forever. These traits can be things like being kind, encouraging others, being positive and being organized. People are born with a set of characteristics that are part of you but as you get older and more experienced, these behaviors and actions can change.

Know Who You Are

It is important to know yourself. It is important to know what you don’t like about yourself before you want to change. Try to self-reflect on personality parts of you that you don’t care so much about.

As you learn more about your personality, you will see that there are things that drive you to be who you are.

Be The Real You

You have probably read articles on how you should do things in your life and how you are supposed to act. There are some that are always wanting to better themselves. There are likely a lot of reasons that you might want to change who you are but most of the time this is so that you can fit in.

People wear different masks and act differently depending on where they are and who they are with. If you are always changing who you are though, you will never be happy with yourself. You should never have to change to fit in with others.

When Making Changes, Be Successful

Here are some ways that you can make positive changes in your life:

Why Do You Want to Change?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you ever want to change. You need to have a real reason to change who you are. You must see the benefits of changing before you ever begin. If you don’t believe the changes are important, you will never make them happen.

Be Specific

It is important to be specific about what you want to change about yourself. Do you want to have more joy? Do you want to be more compassionate? Be specific.

Take Action

You need to take action on the things that you want to change. Since you have lived your whole life this way, change will not be easy. You have to change your habits and you have to learn that this takes a lot of time.

There are different activities that you can do that can support the behaviors that you want to change. Make changes that will bring you success and growth.

Onion Skin Model

The Onion Skin Model is a way that people can see the things that are on the outside of themselves like their personality and what motivates them. This model shows what your instinctive drives are.

You have to change your personality from the outside to the inside and as you remove the outer layers, you will see that it gets harder the closer you get to the middle.

Changing Your Attitude

The easiest thing that you can actually change is your attitude. This is easiest to change because you can decide to be positive if you want to be. Even if you are someone that is negative, you can see that you can be more optimistic and improve your attitude.

One way that you can make your attitude better is by being thankful for things that you have. You also need to be more mindful of what you are thinking and saying.

Train and Develop

You can find training videos online on almost everything. When you do this, you can develop different habits and you can learn to change. If you want to be more organized, find podcasts or articles on this. Take a course that can develop your skills. Find people in your life that are achieving what you want and learn from them.

Have Confidence

You need to have confidence if you are going to change. You can build your self-esteem and increase your confidence by stopping being fearful and doubting yourself and start to take action in what you want.

Know What You Feel and Believe

Some people don’t understand what they believe.  The values that you have are the ideas that are important to you. Even if you aren’t sure what they are, there are things that influence the decisions that you make in your life.

The values that you have are yours and they aren’t good or bad or right or wrong, but they are just what guides you in the world. If you value people in your life, you will take time for them. If you want to better your body, you will take time to work out.

Whatever you value will be what motivates you. Figure out what you value and then lean toward the changes that you need to make to have these values.

Beliefs are the attitudes that you have and what you think about the world around you. Everything that you believe in stems from what happens around you. Most people develop these things form childhood and they don’t always even know that they are being influenced by these things.

As you understand your beliefs and your values, you can make changes that can make you feel more confident in who you are. Don’t let limited beliefs stop you. If you don’t think that you are good enough, change this belief. What are you holding on to that is stopping you from living your best life?

It will take time to understand and know your beliefs and values. Take time to learn more about yourself and to figure out what you want.

Final Thoughts

There are parts of your personality that you probably will never be able to change but there are things that you can change. You can make positive changes that can improve your life and the relationships that you have with others.

As you know what you want and who you are, you will have a better chance of changing things that you don’t like. Don’t make changes based on being judged and don’t be someone you don’t want to be. Be who you want to be and be happy with it.

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