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3 Simple Tips to Get You Started Decluttering Today

If your house is anything like mine, its fully of things you no longer need or use.  It can seem daunting to organize your space, but you can use a few easy tricks to help yourself get started.  The tip for decluttering is to start small so you can have some success and get encouraged to keep going.

Micro steps that can create big change

  • Put things into boxes for further review at a later date
  • Purge the easiest things first (duplicates, damaged items, or clothing/accessories that don’t fit anymore)
  • Honor the new space you create and lightness in your spirit
  • Organize your hidden clutter like stowed away boxes or items on higher shelves
  • Sell items worth over $50, donate or give away the rest
  • Store items that are harder to part with
  • Reorganize your saved items with the new space you created from decluttering

After this first phase of decluttering and purging notice how much less you need to care for, and the increase in energy flow within and around you.

3 simple decluttering tips for the long haul

  1. Identify a space you can finish within ten minutes: Never start with the toughest place in your home.  Instead select a drawer, shelf, or window sill.  By seeing the project through from start to finish before you become overwhelmed will encourage you that success is possible.  Decluttering this space will give you the confidence to tackle more daunting areas.
  2. Purge duplicates: You don’t need three sets of measuring cups and spoons!  Look for similar items and keep only the set that is in the best condition.
  3. Keep a drop box near your front door: Let this box be a reminder that you don’t have to get rid of clutter overnight.  When you find items you no longer need or want drop it in the box.  When the box is full bring it to the donation center and replace it with a new empty box.

In a mere few weeks, using these easy methods you will feel more confident about your ability to organize and declutter.  Always start with the small areas and straightforward items so you can be more willing to let things go.  Remember, you can always store your sentimental items or things you are not quite ready to purge.  Decluttering is a lifetime process.

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