Get Rid of Stress in Life
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How to Get Rid of Stress in Life

Having good mental and physical health is important in your life but you will not always have ways to plan on getting rid of stress or on having more rest. Sometimes you can do things that will reduce your stress right away. Maybe you have a special thing that you can do that makes you feel better and helps you to stress less.

Here are some things you can do to feel better and to have less stress in your life:

Deep Breathing

Focus on deep breathing and this can lower your blood pressure and cause you to not be as stressed in life. This is a technique that allows you to concentrate on things other than your mind and body and to be more balanced.


Music can refresh you and help you to feel better and more relaxed. Try things like slow music or classical to help you calm down.


Walking can help you when life is full of stress. This helps you to breathe deeply and to pay attention to what you are doing and gather your thoughts.

Sit in the Sun

Go out and sit in the sun. If you are depressed, being in the sun can help to calm you and balance your energies.

Hand Massage

You can do a hand massage to help you relax. This can help you to calm down and to no longer be tense. Use lotion and apply it to the muscles under your thumbs, scalp, and neck.

Backward Counting

Start at 10 and count backwards. Doing this can calm you and allow you to relax.


Take a few minutes to stand up and stretch and to feel better in your life. This can open up your chest and help your legs to be stronger.

Ball and Feet

Take a ball and let it rub over your feet. This can massage your feet and calm you.

Close Your Eyes

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and only open them after you get your focus back.

Stress Ball

When life is very stressed out, you can take a stress ball and relieve your tensions. This is a calm way to get the stress out.


If you are anxious, squeeze your muscles tight and then release them. This can help you to calm down and even help you to have peaceful sleep.

Alone Time

Everyone can use alone time here and there. This allows you to clear your thoughts and to feel better.


Take a few minutes each day to organize your home or your workplace. This can help you to calm down and let your stress go.


Do some yoga and try different positions to take away your stress. This can help you to have peace.

Eat Chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can help you to get rid of cortisol, a stress hormone, and help you to keep your metabolism strong.


Take a few minutes each day to have peaceful meditation. There are benefits of meditation and they can help you to relax and focus on your breathing.


When you have a hard day, pet your pet, and snuggle with them.


When you are stressed, chewing gum for a few minutes can lower your cortisol and reduce your stress.


Drink some green tea so that you can get L-Theanine, which helps you to get rid of anger.


Laughing and smiling can help to reduce stress and help you to feel better about your life.

Cold Water and Wrists

Take cold water and run it on your wrists or put a drop on your earlobe. Doing this can help you to reach your arteries and give you calmness.


Make a space in your home where you can go and relax. When life gets stressful, go there, and calm down.


You can journal your emotions and you will feel better, and you will be able to express your feelings.


Honey can help you to calm down and it is also a natural antibiotic. This helps to get rid of inflammation and helps to fight against depression.

Talk to Someone

Find someone that you love and trust to talk to. Take a few minutes to talk to them so that you can feel better in your life and you can feel better about your feelings.

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