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I know that depression is quite common, mostly among the younger generation. I will share below how depression looks like from a psychic perspective.

First, I have never interacted with a client who wants to deal with depression in particular. The client rather just come because he or she finds it hard to make things happen in life. Maybe he has a dream that he is unable to achieve and this makes him frustrated. Or a relationship isn’t working. Or he has a lot of problems at work. In short, clients come with problems that are not depression.

I usually discover their depression during the session. It’s a very important issue. According to psychics, depression is a sign of a core issue. This, therefore, means that for you to deal with depression, you have to deal with the core issue. It’s an indication that you can heal.

Depression from a psychic’s perspective

According to psychics, depression is finding it hard to express one’s true authentic self. Not knowing one’s true self means you can’t create what you need or want, you can’t express your desires, expectations, talents, and abilities.

In adults, depression is the inability to know a person’s honest expectations, needs, and talents. Everything just looks vague. One cannot act to fulfill needs and desires if they don’t know them. A person, therefore, continues being depressed, sad and alone.

Depression mostly occurs during childhood. When a child is not given attention, important guidance by the parent, she finds it hard to know her authentic self.

When a kid receives attention and guidance, she knows herself automatically through the help of her parents. She feels she knows what she wants in knowing herself. She automatically becomes confident to undertake everything without fear.

I have discovered that one can’t do this alone. The depressed person needs to have a mentor who’ll guide him when he feels lonely or depressed.

One slowly moves into the center of her authentic being if one is supported in taking steps to fulfill dreams. This is a very different identity and its new.

Living a life where one can feel and know his needs and desires and can act to fulfill them takes time. The person eventually succeeds if he understands the problem and perseveres in the effort to actualize his truth.

Simple ways you can break up dense energies

I know moving on when you are depressed is hard, make any effort in any direction, you can also listen to shamanic music.

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