When Change is Difficult
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When Change is Difficult

Far too often, I hear from people who aren’t happy with things about their lives, but they have endless lists of excuses regarding why they can’t make the changes they have to make. Excuses need to be released! Sticking with excuses always results in two steps backward for every step forward.

Making changes to your world is difficult. Cutting people out of your life is difficult. Changing cities, jobs, or whatever it is you need to change in your life is difficult. It’s difficult because it involves consistency and hard work! Life isn’t easy. Making excuses about why something can’t be done, to be totally honest, is just making a list of very convincing lies and nothing more!

The first step is to be honest with yourself. “There are problems I haven’t addressed in my world because…” Finish the sentence with your truth. Here are some possibilities:

  • “…I’m not ready to face them yet.”
  • “…I’m afraid.”
  • “…I ‘d rather be the victim.”
  • “…I don’t believe in myself.”

What’s holding you back? Be honest. Acknowledging setbacks doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. Being honest will gives you the opportunity to change what you need to when you’re ready to.

Excuses Hide the Truth

We’ve become adept at camouflaging truths and situations in our lives. We’re secretly covered with so much camouflage that we start to believe that our excuses are actually the truth. That’s very toxic! Too many people live in a bubble of denial, having constructed a camouflaged life.

The bubble is safe. But the bubble is built on fiction. We can project the things we want to see in the world around us into our bubble. Our bubble is like a perfect house of mirrors. It only reflects what we want people to see in us. But as with any house of mirrors, we’re just reflecting back an illusion for all to see. Who really wants to live a life of illusion? Smoke and mirrors don’t have a place in anyone’s daily life. They only belong in magic acts.

You need to reveal yourself to you. To do this, simply take an impartial look at what you truly are and compare it to what you really want to be. Then uncover the excuses that are holding you back from being exactly what you want to be. It’s time to clear the smoke, to shatter the mirrors, and to pop the bubble!


To help you stop making excuses and start feeling empowered enough to live the life you want to live, try reciting some of these affirmations to yourself:

  • I deserve to be raw and honest with myself.
  • I accept myself exactly as I am. No more and no less.
  • I take responsibility for my excuses. I choose right now to ditch them so I can work toward the life I want and be the person I want to be.
  • I’m more than sufficient!
  • I love myself enough to change whatever I want to change in my life.
  • I’m significant enough to make changes so my world can become what I imagine.
  • I’m more than sufficient. I’m everything that I’ll ever need to be. I’ve got this!

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