Developing confidence
Self Improvement

Developing confidence

Can you fake confidence

We all want to be confident in all the areas of our lives. For this to happen we need to let go of control and let life take us where we need to be.

Confidence is merely just a state of mind in which your attitude and beliefs are linked with your actions. You can always spot a confident person.   Unfortunately life can take its toll during the hard times.  You may be carrying your past around with you in your lack of confidence.

Confidence can not be faked

You might be able to fake your confidence for a short amount of time.  To have confidence over a long time, you must develop this confidence from within. You can gain this through self-improvement. Confidence requires compassion.

Talk positively to yourself.

Listen to your inner monologue. What do you say to yourself when you succeed or fail?  How you talk to yourself affects your self-motivation.  We will all suffer disappointment and setbacks through out life. Don’t let these frustrations affect your self-worth. Use them instead as life lessons.  Look at these challenges as opportunity.  Confidence is gained by moving past your uncertainty and continuing to challenge yourself.

Focus, commit and dedicate

Tell yourself that you are going to see the task through till the end. Quitting before you have completed chips away at your confidence. Keep going even if you fail, knowing that you can use this lesson on your way to victory.

Commitment to self

Have faith in your own abilities.  Be confident in your own power.

You can build confidence by undertaking tasks that are greater than what you have done before so that you have room to grow and learn.   This is part of what is called a growth mindset. Continue with the positive self-talk as you move through your tasks.  Do not focus on your faults instead of the lessons learned.   Learn from what is not working and move on.

Real confidence comes from truly knowing who you are.  Understand your character and your weaknesses.

Put the First things First

Someone who is proactive takes charge of their own lives.  They take accountability for their actions and use the outcomes to make their decisions. Prioritize your day.  Concentrate on what is the most important. Set forth to meet your objects and do not let roadblocks get in your way.  You gain confidence when you move past the things that limit you. Don’t let your challenges and fears overwhelm you.   You can do it! You can find the confidence to live your best life.

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