Finding Yourself When You Are Lost
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Finding Yourself When You Are Lost

Do you walk through life feeling like you have no direction?  If you have lost yourself in a job, a relationship or other parts of your life or if you just feel lost, you are not alone.  Everyone feels that they are lost at one point in their lives or another.  If you don’t have it all figured out in life, this doesn’t mean that you are doing it wrong or that you will not ever find your way again, it just means that you are going through a life of transformation.

Transformation can be messy, but it can also be amazing.  Sometimes, we find later in life that we have suppressed our feelings, especially if we have dealt with some type of trauma.  If we don’t learn to face our trauma, we will experience things that can trigger the pain that we felt in the past.

Many people learn to push their emotions aside and will experience things from their past but will keep putting the emotional pain in the back of our minds, replacing this pain with things that keep us busy.

When we ignore bad things or memories, the problem is that they become worse.  We will use our energies in order to push the memories back and suppress them.  We try to move on in our life and feel that this is enough to keep us moving on, but that is not true.  The truth is that our brains will make us eventually face the trauma that we have experienced, and we will realize that we have to lose ourselves in order to find peace in ourselves.

You will learn to be fixed with different things such as therapy or with medicine, but whatever the way is, we3 have to learn to release it and to connect our mind with what we have went through, allowing our emotions to be alive inside of us.

We must learn to be in control of our emotions and learn to listen and protect our boundaries.  We have to learn to heal and work towards a journey of losing ourselves so that we can become powerful and transform our mess into something amazing.  We have to learn to be vulnerable and to be brave.  Live is hard and if you aren’t facing adversity, you are not really living.

If you want to figure out who you are, you have to learn to lose yourself.  Here are some things you can do to lose yourself:

Unplug and Engage

We must learn to unplug from electronics and plug into our lives.  We spend so many minutes each day on different forms of electronics and even though these allow us to connect with people in our lives, it has to be something that we take time away from.  Technology has caused us to be more connected to our world around us, but less connected to our life.

Our phones and computers give us a reality that is just a virtual or fake reality.  Technology has caused us to escape from the real world and live in this electronic age.  Have you ever thought of putting down your electronics for a few hours or even a day?  Most people become uncomfortable when they are thinking about doing this.  Putting down your electronics and disconnecting from the technological world isn’t about giving up on something, this is about coming back to yourself and learning what is important to help you heal.

Take time each day to turn off your electronics even if it is just for a half an hour.  Get rid of things that you are connected to and spend time with people or in nature.  You will see that you have quiet time and that you will improve your mind and your emotions.

Take Risks

Most people like to play it safe and to keep boundaries that are tight in their life.  They like to have a comfort zone, but this can cause you to be bored and to find nothing that inspires you.  One of the reasons that people are not happy is that they play life safe and they don’t take risks.

Being safe is a definite option but our brain likes it when we take risks.  When you choose to always play it safe, you keep your life in a lost state.  Risks help us to change and grow.

Change is one of the only things that we can guarantee in life and if we don’t want to change, we will get left behind.  When we are not comfortable, we will not figure out who we really are.


There will always be people that don’t agree with the path that you take in your life.  No matter what you do, someone will have an opinion and will judge you.  You have to learn if you want to accept what they say or you want to learn to live your own life and follow your own direction.

Don’t let people tell you that the things that you want in your life are not possible.  Do what you want and learn to believe in your self-worth.  Don’t let the opinions of others make you lose what you aspire to do.

When you put your dreams on the backburner, you will become comfortable with things the way that they are and you will not grow.  Don’t be afraid that you have dreams and take a step to reach them.

Even the most successful people that we know have been talked about and judged for the dreams that they had.  This didn’t stop them, only made them stronger.

Inner Voice

When you decide to change who you are and stop living lost, you will challenge your inner voice.  Stop saying how lost you are and learn to find happiness in your life.  Talk to your brain and talk about how important your thoughts are.  Stop listening and worrying about what other people are thinking about you.

When you are feeling lost, figure out how to get past your mindset and learn to fulfill your goals and aspirations.  If you feel that you are trapped in a state of loss, learn to accept that you need to change something.

What does it sound like when your inner voice is talking to you?  Do you have a positive or negative inner voice?  Does this keep you locked down in one place?

Start talking to yourself and saying positive things.  Remind yourself that you are not lost forever and begin to have positive thoughts.  Do not think about negative things all the time and replace them with positive things that can empower you and help you accomplish things.

Make up positive things to say and repeat them to yourself throughout your day whenever you feel that you are lost.


Even when life gets hard and you feel that you are lost, remember this is not something that is bad.  You have to be lost so that you can figure out what is important to you and so you can figure out how to move on in your life.

Sometimes, the best ting that can happen to you is that you get lost.  Let things go and let go who you are and become what you want to be.  Don’t worry!  You can do this!!

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