Self Improvement


If you have ever quit working someplace because you were getting ready to get a promotion or cheated on your lover even though you had a good relationship, chances are you are self-sabotaging yourself.  Some people feel that they don’t deserve to be happy and so they will do everything in their power to mess things up that are good.

One problem is that having self-sabotaging behaviors are usually not really known but they are not hidden either.  If you care about your health and find that you are eating healthy at lunch, then you are aware that bringing yourself donuts will sabotage your diet.  You find yourself pulling these donuts out at nighttime and eating them, knowing that you have a better plan.

You might also do this with your relationships.  When you self-sabotage, you are trying to protect yourself from fears of being hurt or fears of other people expecting you to be better or to do more.  You are afraid of failing and you will sabotage yourself instead of risking it.

What is the Problem

You have to figure out what the problem is that you are having.  What is getting in the way of you being who you want to be?

Stop Procrastinating

You have to stop a behavior that is not good for you such as drinking or smoking.  Give yourself a start date of now and stick with it.  Stop saying you will do it next week or next month.  Quit now and stop putting things off.


You have to take action in order to get things done.  If you want to be in shape, work out.  If you want to have a relationship, call them.  If you call someone and they answer and you hang up because you are nervous, stop doing that.  Don’t back down and take action.


Learn some new habits and get rid of the behaviors that are negative in your life.  When you want to build a new relationship, stop trying to find people that will hurt you or stop cheating on them.  Stop doing things that will cause your partner to not want to be with you.

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

There are many self-sabotaging behaviors that you might find yourself doing such as:

  • Cheating on your partner.
  • Quitting a good job.
  • Stop taking care of yourself.
  • Giving up on your health.
  • Creating new destructive habits.
  • Not setting real goals.
  • Trying to complete things when you know there is no time.
  • Not giving yourself room for mistakes.

Self-sabotaging behaviors can be dangerous for your mental and physical health.  Look at life positively and let yourself learn to care about who and what you are.  Work towards being the best you can be.

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