Forgetting Someone You Hate

Forgetting Someone You Hate

If something bothers you, it can be hard to get it out of your mind. This can be annoying if you hate someone and you are always thinking about them. Life would be so much better if you could get over this hate and free yourself from these hateful thoughts about them.

When you love and hate, it can be the same feelings but on different levels. Love is an emotion that is strong, and it is also equally strong if you are in hate. There is always going to be an emotional attachment with these two feelings, and you will see that this is what causes you to hold on to these thoughts.

What would you do if you didn’t care about this person good or bad? Would your emotions be so strong towards them?


If you want to stop thinking about this person, stop hating them. Hate is so strong that it can take up too much of your mind. Hate can feel real and when you focus on this hate, you will see that your emotions are not where you want them to be.

Pay attention to the negative things that you think about that person and when you find them coming into your mind, get rid of them. This will help you to pay attention to your mind.


Look at the behavior that you have. Do you hate someone so bad that you act ugly? Why do you even hate them? Have they really done something so bad that you cannot get over the hate that you have for them?

Maybe you are someone that gets annoyed easily and you will want to just fight or hate someone for no reason. Learn to react different and to get rid of these feelings so that you can move forward in your life and forget about them.


Learn to accept that the person will be around you and get rid of your emotions. Let go of past feelings and learn to let the future be different. Get rid of negative emotions and stop thinking negatively about this person.

Put yourself in that person’s shoes and see if you would agree to have such strong feelings towards them. Observe your own actions and see if you are being extreme or if you are doing what you really should do. Do you feel the real feelings that you are feeling or are they made up?

Does the person have all bad qualities that you cannot overlook what happened in the past? Maybe you won’t be friends with this person ever but if you can learn to see them without hate, you will go far.


Do you have reminders of this person that you hate? Get rid of them. Remove them from your sight and get rid of them on social media.

Go somewhere that they are not and even if you have to be around them, stay away from them. It is not always possible to be away from someone you ate all the time and if they trigger an emotion that is too strong for you, write it down in your journal.

Learn to write down your feelings and this can help you to release them and to get over your hate. Lose your negative thoughts and look at yourself and that person in a different light. Learn to be better.


Refocus your energy on things that are good in your life. Stop wasting unnecessary energy on this person and especially on hate. You deserve better.

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