How to Care for Your Emotional Health
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How to Care for Your Emotional Health

We often get so busy that we forget to care for our own emotional health. We do not talk to others about how we are feeling, and we choose that this is not something that we want to talk about. We choose sometimes to talk about our physical health and eating right and exercising or if we are sleeping well or not.

One reason we decide to talk about our physical health is because we can see that, but it is our emotional health that makes us feel vulnerable and we like to keep private. We have a hard time trusting others when it comes to our emotional health.

When we ignore this part of our body it can make life seem easier because we don’t have to face conflict that we have inside. We don’t have to tell people about what we are feeling, and we can keep our self-life private.

We can keep our identity to others about how strong we are or how selfless we always are being. If we have hard emotions that we are dealing with though and we choose to ignore them, some believe it makes them mature. Most of us have been taught that we need to stay quiet about what we are feeling, and this can mean we hide painful emotions from the world.

Our emotional health is part of our life and it has to be healthy or it can cause us to experience anxiety, pain, and other problems. We have to see this as part of our self-care.

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional health is how we respond to our emotions and how we use them to adapt to others and to our own values in life.

When you have good emotional health, you are able to recognize emotions that you have and know what you need or if your needs are not being met. This is part of your conscious and unconscious minds.

Emotional health can be taken care of with self-care and we can learn activities that can help us to be happy and to stay calm and we can learn to deal with hard emotions.

There is a relation to physical and emotional health, and you cannot have one without the other. You have to care for your emotions just like your body.

Caring for Emotional Health

Here are some ways you can take care of your emotional health:


Pay attention to your mood. Write down what you are feeling and find out if you are dealing with negative emotions and thoughts. Figure out why.


Allow yourself to feel your emotions even if they are positive or negative. Do not be ashamed of what you are feeling. You will want to get rid of negative feelings and thinking but you have to learn to accept these emotions and handle them.

Stop fixing your feelings and learn to process them and accept them and release them. You have to identify your feelings and know why they are coming.


Question your feelings when they are hard. Ask yourself why you feel the way that you do or why you got stressed about something. Learn to understand all emotions and not just happy or sad feelings.

Check In

Pay attention to yourself and check in with yourself each night. Take time to think over what you felt during the day and why. Tune out thoughts of hiding your emotions and learn to face them.

No matter if your thoughts or emotions were good or bad, check them in. Know why you had them and figure out where you are.


Learn to love yourself through your emotions. Be compassionate with yourself. If you are going through challenges, accept it and forgive yourself. Emotions are part of your life and you need to be mindful of what you are going through.

Remember that you are human, and everyone struggles. Be kind to yourself even during your hard times.

Inner Talking

When you get upset, pay attention to how you talk to yourself and how your emotions react. Learn to be positive and talk positive to yourself even when you are feeling bad.


Learn to communicate with non-violent behavior. Pay attention to where you are feeling and identify what caused those feelings to come up. Talk to those that have hurt you and grieve when you need to.

If you are hurt by someone, tell them that they hurt you and how you are feeling. Talk to them in a kind and compassionate way without yelling or being angry.

Communicate what you are feeling by expressing your love and compassion with yourself and others.

Learn Yourself

Figure out what makes you happy and what helps you relax when you are going through hard things. Find people to talk to that support you and do not judge you.


If you need to talk to a professional, do it. This can allow you to express your feelings when you cannot with other people. This can help you to improve your personal health and your emotional health.


Remember that emotional health is not just about feeling emotions or getting rid of them, it is learning to understand and deal with the emotions that we have.

If you feel stressed, sad, or angry, do not be ashamed of this but face that you are a human being and you have feelings.

Make decisions that will help you have a better life and will give you insight on what is going on inside of you.

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