Is your biggest relationship struggle money?

Is your biggest relationship struggle money?

Do you and your partner argue a lot when it comes to money?

Do you always argue about money? What you need to do to solve this is just to evaluate your relationship with money and also your partner’s relationship with money. Although this might be a painful conversation. After understanding all these, we can begin healing ourselves and work together.

Below are examples of distinct relationships with money:

  • Your companion might have been raised in a family where money wasn’t a problem but in any case, the value of money was spoken with shame and guilt, they are likely to have fallen victims of emotions than those who had little money when growing up. Money ideology will own them.
  • Your companion might have been taught to save all their money while they were growing up and therefore, this idea of not saving pushes them away. They are likely to feel resentment when something arises and money needs to be spent.
  • Your companion may have had little when growing up and so when they get the cash they decide to be extravagant even though they are broke.
  • Your companion may feel that everyone’s responsibility is his and will make money look like a third person in a relationship due to the fact that it is never enough. These kinds of individuals are always disturbed.
  • Your companion might feel like they need to have good things in life.

Having different views is normal in a relationship. The two of you just need to work and meet in the middle and grow as a couple.

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