Overcoming Fear
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Overcoming Fear

Think about how easy life would be if you had no fear. What kind of things would you do in your life? Fear is something that prevents people from reaching their full potential and becoming the best person that they can be.

Fear does not feel good, but it is something that we all face. We are afraid of dying, afraid of failure, afraid of not being good enough, afraid of being abandoned and more. But where does this fear come from?

The truth is fear comes from us. According to science, humans are the creatures that are the most fearful because of our abilities to think things deeply. When we think about things at a deep level, it can sometimes bring about fear in our minds.

We imagine that the worst thing will happen to us and this helps us to stay out of danger. But it can also hold you back.

Think about when you were too afraid to do something but then once you did it, you realized it was not nearly as scary as you thought.

What is Fear?

Fear is sometimes an acronym that says, “False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.” This is something that our mind creates to make us feel that we are afraid.

Fear comes when we have new ideas or new thoughts, and this can cause you to miss something that you could have been very successful at. When you let fear control you, you continuously create situations in your mind that probably will never happen.

Overcoming Fear

It is easy to talk about overcoming fear, but it is another thing to do it. The good news is that once you understand where your fear comes from, you will be more ready to face them.

Writing Them

Take time to write down the things you are afraid of in your life. Remember that your mind is in control of what you are fearful of and you need to figure it out.

Recognize what you are afraid of and then you can know what to do next.

What Scares You?

Write down things that you are scared of. This can help you to figure out what makes you afraid and to question if your fears are really real.

These kinds of questions that you can ask yourself are designed to help you to figure out your fears and to bring them to the surface.

This will be hard and uncomfortable but most deep work is. You will become empowered when you understand your fears.

Once you pinpoint your fear, you will be able to take action to change how you look at things and how you associate with your fears.

Eventually, you will find that your fears will go away, and you will become stronger.


Learn to practice being thankful. This is often opposite of what we normally do. It is easy to forget to be thankful when you are afraid or when times in your life are hard. It can feel overwhelming or smothering and it is hard to be grounded when you have these fears.

Be thankful for what you have, and this will cut down on what you fear. This does not mean that you will never feel fear, what it means is that you will become less and less afraid and you will see the better things in your life.

Being thankful means, you are more positive, and you can experience happiness and joy.

Thankfulness allows you to have good emotions and to increase your good health and build better relationships. If you have been afraid, you know that there is usually a story, or something attached to what is making you fearful.

Maybe you feel that you are worthless, and you cannot do anything right. When you are a person that experiences bouts of anxiety, chances are you will become fearful. By being thankful for what you have, you can limit the times that you feel worthless and you can learn to be more thankful.

Being thankful means, you are looking forward and you are being positive. When fear rears its ugly head to you, learn to be thankful and make fear lose its power.


Do not be afraid of being in control. People will sometimes try to hide their fears by being in control of everything. You can let others have some control in your life.

When you are fearful, you will have no way to control your behavior and this can mean that you will increase your fearfulness even more.

You allow fear to control you and this is a cycle that can leave you feeling depressed, disappointed, and actually in less control than you were.

The only way that you can move forward is to be in control of your situation but to know that you cannot be in control over all situations.

The world will react a certain way to everything and you have no control over this. When you want to control everything, step back and refocus your thoughts.

Curiosity and fear do not work together. When you have curiosity, you let fear go and when you are fearful, you let curiosity go. You can find freedom when you learn to let go of some of the control and stop worrying over things you cannot be in charge of.


Positive affirmations can change your negative thinking into positive thoughts. Challenge yourself and do not let your fears be in control. Learn to train your mind to get what you want in your life.

Do not be afraid of failing, be prepared to fail but choose not to. The more positive you can talk, the stronger you will be. Learn to be more positive and to get rid of your negative thinking.

Learn to say affirmations right when you wake up each morning to get rid of your negative thinking. Say them out loud.

It only takes one thought to change the way that you see things in your life.

One Thing a Day

When you choose to do nothing because of fear, you will let fear rule over you and everything you do in your life.

Learn to come out of your comfort zone and to live your life with courage and with strength.

Start with small things and do things that make you happy and that bring you success. If you want to be successful, you have to try new things.

Trying new things, even when they are stressful, can help your brain to release dopamine which can make you feel happy.

When you learn to do things that scare you, you will see that your fear will go away, and you will get stronger. Learn to confront your fears and do not let them control you.

Final Thoughts

When you are threatened by fear, do not be afraid and do not let it control you. Try some of the things above to help you increase your courage and your strength.

Learn to see that fear is not who you are or what defines you, but it is what stands in your way to do things that give you power.

Fear has a way to make you run from it or to face it and that is up to you. When you choose to run from fear though, it causes your life to be limited and never allows you to find your real potential.

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