How to Stop Loving Someone

How to Stop Loving Someone

Loving yourself is the most important thing and when someone stops loving you or when you stop loving someone, you have to love yourself more.

We are always searching for thing in our life and when we find someone that we think will be forever, we become happy and vulnerable. When things change and you have to say goodbye, it can cause you to feel desperate and alone. This can be feelings beyond explanation.

Nothing in your life will feel the same once this happens. You will have a hard time dealing with your feelings and your heart will feel broken. You will wake up each day and wonder why things could not be the same, why things had to end. If you are wanting to learn how to stop loving someone, you have to know that this does not happen overnight and takes time.

When you are an adult and you have children, you might see that life is going well. Maybe you have recently remodeled your home and you have a happy life, a husband and just an all-around good life. What happens though if something drastic happens and it causes you to lose the one you love, to sickness, broken relationships, or other things?

When you give someone your heart, you expect them to be with you forever and nothing ruins your faith or your feelings than someone leaving you or dying when you are together. This can leave you feeling horrible and feeling like you will never be the same.

The truth is, nothing is permanent and whatever you feel today can change tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up and your whole world will be turned upside down. This happens all of the time. Maybe you want to hold on, but you see that things are going to end regardless. Even if this happens, you can see happiness again.

No one has ever really died of a broken heart and even those people that are in lifelong relationships have lost their partners. Sometimes, they even die close to the same time as the other person, but the truth is, your feelings are what you feel and dying from a broken heart is not real, but it can be painful.

Stop Loving Them

One of the worst things about losing someone is that it is all you can think about. Most likely, you will continue to think about all of the things you could have done differently and all of the things you could have changed.

You have to learn to find distraction. Find something new that you can do and take time to focus on yourself. You have to find things that can make you feel better.

When people are trying to get over a broken heart, they will want to get rid of their past memories and erase what has happened but that is not possible. When we lose something that we love, our life will never be the same and it takes us to a place where we only want to remember the good times and forget when things have been awful.

Here are some things you can do if you want to get over a lost love:


Take time to find something that you are passionate about. Learn to use your time to have fun and do things that distract you. There is room for happiness in your life and you deserve it. You will start to feel less lonely and happier when you find hobbies that take up time.

Old Friends

Another important thing to do is to get with your old friends. Take time to reconnect with people from your past that you had fun with. Find people you have lost touch with and get closer to them.

Go out and have fun. This can help you to have a better outlook on your life. Do not go to people that are also going through loss but find people that are happy and positive to hang out with. Find people that can make you laugh.

Old Places

Stay away from old places that you used to go. Move forward and do not go backward. You have to find a place that you can go that brings joy and not sadness. If you are broken up with someone, do not go to the same places you used to hang out but find new hangouts.

If it is meant for you to get back together with that person, it will happen but if it doesn’t, learn to move forward. Running into them on accident will only make moving forward harder. Learn to live your life and move forward. Stop thinking about the pain in your life and find joy.

Ups and Downs

We all have ups and down and you have to know that this is true so that you do not get stuck in a place of sadness. You will find someone else and you can find joy again.

If you broke up with someone, chances are they were not the right person for you. Even though it is hard, you have to learn to move on and stick it out until you feel better. You will have both good and bad times but embrace each of them.

Deserve Better

Some people feel that they had the best thing that they could have had, and they didn’t deserve it, but you have to change that mindset. Find a way to move forward and to know that you deserve to be happy in your life.

Maybe you were upset in your relationship and things were unhappy at home. You deserve to be happy and to have peace in your home and if they did not bring the best out in you, it was time to move on.

You deserve someone that will make you feel special and make you be who you are. Find someone that treats you good and is not always miserable to be around. Find someone that makes your life complete and someone that loves you without it having to be so much work.


Make a list of the things that you have lost in your life but also make a list of what you have. Think about the things you will miss about that person and write down the things you will not miss about them. Compare your list and see if there are more things that you will not miss than you will actually miss.

These are things that you need to look at and focus on. Find things that were bad in your relationship and know that this is why you left. Do not torture yourself with your feelings and realize that there are many things you actually will not miss.


You have to stop trying to love this person and move on in your life. You cannot do this overnight and it will take time.

Love comes in different forms and it is not always good for us. You can love a lot of people that are not good for you and people that make you miserable, but this does not give you a fulfilled life.

No matter what you want in your life and no matter how happy you thought you were, take a step back and really look at your life. Look at all of the negative things that came with the relationship and learn to separate your emotions.

You will find that you can have happiness without this person. You will see that there is goodness in the world and that you can be full of love and joy. Love will work out for you if you just move forward.

Loss is something that is a strong feeling but when you are with the wrong person you will see that you have wasted a lot of time. Find the right person to start loving and see that your life can be happy.

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