Stopping the Pain
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Stopping the Pain

Many people struggle with the thoughts of suicide or have friends that have or are struggling with it.  As a matter of fact, one in five people struggle with some kind of mental health issue and this means that there is a chance that anyone can have issues and suicidal thoughts.

If you have never experienced these thoughts, the idea of wanting to die seems crazy but the truth is that when someone is in so much pain that they don’t think they can take it anymore, they might turn to suicide.

Some people believe that the thoughts of suicide are impossible because there is always something better around the corner.  The truth is, if you have a mental illness such as depression, the idea of suicide is a strong risk.  Depression can kill someone just like any other disease and it is nature that we have emotions and we need them to experience life.  Some people though, do not have a way to stop their thoughts from being negative and sometimes face the idea of death as a good thing.

Someone that is depressed is isolated and wants to live life, but they have no energy and don’t feel like life is worth living anymore.  When someone is suicidal or just very depressed, they don’t normally want to talk about their feelings because they worry that people will think they are crazy.  Those that don’t have those feelings are afraid to talk about it because they don’t want to admit that there are people that are really struggling to that capacity.

When people think about suicide, they know it’s the end of everything and it makes them wonder why someone would want to take their life.

Unwell Mind

When we look at people from an outside world, we have to understand that our mind is a blessing, but it can also be a curse to those that experience mental illness.  When depression is an everyday event, some people have a hard time dealing with it and they really don’t want to die, they just are looking for a way to get rid of the pain that they are feeling constantly.

To someone that wants to die, they feel trapped and they feel that there is no way out of their darkness.  Their day is full of pain and stress.  They are afraid of what they are feeling and the only way that they know to get rid of it is to die.


It is the human nature to want to survive, but when there is a mental illness involved, it can cause people to not make good decisions.  It can cause people to live by their experiences and to want to get rid of the pain.  Death sometimes seems like the only escape for people that are facing these mental illnesses.

When they feel like they have done everything they can to get rid of the pain, the only thing left is suicide.


The truth is that most people that have suicidal thoughts don’t really want to die, they just feel that they need to in order to get rid of their pain.  They become exhausted by life and they feel that they are trapped and cannot find a way out.  They feel that death is the only real choice that they have and even though they know death can be scary, living a life that is so hard is also scary and so they battle with these thoughts.

It is important to not always listen to how people are saying that you are feeling.  If they do not share with your experience and if you don’t know what they are going through, chances are that they don’t understand it either.  Some will say that a person that wants to kill themselves is just looking for attention or they are being a coward.  The truth is that depression is real, and no one should be treated poorly because they are going through something that is lonely and scary.

Suicide is not okay, but it is hard for someone to feel depression and anxiety every day.  If you go through this and you have made it this far, you have to give yourself credit for being strong.  You have to let yourself know that you are loved, and you would be missed.

You must live so that you can inspire other people on how to make it through the pain that you have experienced.  Be a voice so that people can live and know that they have a chance to make it through their pain.  There is no coincidence that you have went through this and no matter how many times you have failed, know that you have made it another step.


Your story is meant for more than just yourself.  Your story is to remind you that you are strong and to help others to be strong too.  No person that is weak has ever survived being depressed and even fighting and battling against suicidal thoughts.  You have made a lot of progress up to this point.

Your heart is beating and what you are looking for is what you are giving others, hope.  When you survive, you show others that they can survive too.  It is not easy to believe that death is the only option and you have to know that your life is worth living.  There are people that need you and there are people that need to hear what you have to share.

Get better each and every day and prepare to share your story so you can help others to survive.

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