Living When Things Feel Dark
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Living When Things Feel Dark

If you have lost a loved one, gotten a divorce, lost your job or moved out of your home, chances are you have experienced some type of darkness.  This can be like a storm in your life that is loud and upsetting.  This can be events that have caused you to be at crisis.

When these things happen, you have to grieve, and you have to work through the problems.  You have to work through pain and being alone.

Even though there is darkness, darkness can bring light and can help you to realize who you are.  It can help you to be clear and happy in yourself and help you find your purpose.

When you are confused and in despair and light comes, you will learn to appreciate that and to long for it.  If you are facing darkness, there are ways to work through it.

Know Yourself

When you go through bad times, you learn to stop thinking outside and figure out who you are and what you really want.  You deal with changes on the outside by focusing on the inside.

Life can make you have more opportunities to explore yourself.  It can help you to challenge yourself and to become self-aware.

Figure out who you are and how to manage your feelings.  Learn to heal and let go of hurts and pain.  Find support from people.

Be Aware

When something dark happens in your life, understand what works and what doesn’t work.  Learn what kind of relationships to pursue and what kind of people are wrong for you.  Stop the cycle of making a mistake in love and life.

Stop looking for careers that you know are wrong for you and cause you to have toxic feelings.  Find skills you are good at and learn to appreciate them.

Understand that when things don’t work, you will figure out a new path and make a new life.  Even when you fail, it is a learning time.

Be Patient

Learn that each day is a new day and do not take life too seriously.  Think about how your situation makes you feel and take one step at a time to a positive direction.

Go for a walk, join the gym, take a class in college.  Don’t think of your problem as the end of the world but think of it as a step to a new life.

Don’t Give Up

When you are in a tough situation, get through it.  You will go through bad things. Your circumstance might not be good, but you have to learn to deal with it.

You have to believe in yourself and learn to solve what problems you are facing.  You can be a problem solver.

You have made it through life this far even if you have bruises and bumps.  Don’t give up.

Appreciate Your Life

When life is the hardest, learn to be grateful for it.  Even if you are heartbroken or if you are worried, learn to be thankful.

Learn that your situation is a lesson and embrace it.  Work towards the light and you will find that you can get out of the darkness.  Being positive can help you make changes that will make your life better.

When you are in the dark, you learn to be patient and to look for good in front of you.  Keep walking towards the light.  The best thing that can happen to you is that you never give up and you keep going.

Light is Near

Remember, you are in a bad situation, but it won’t be that way forever.  You can only get better and life can only improve.  Be positive and move on.  Keep going until you get a break.  Don’t worry about the bad things in life but find the good things.

Be full of hope and know that your future will be brighter.  Life sometimes is hard to deal with, but you will experience things that will make you stronger.

Your life won’t always be full of anger and loneliness.  Stay strong and keep working until you make it to the light.  Work for what you have been trying for and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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