When You and Your Twin Flame Separates

When You and Your Twin Flame Separates

When we are in a twin flame relationship and it ends, it will feel like your whole world is falling apart.  When we lose our twin flame, it will give you intense pain that makes you feel that you cannot bear life any longer.

Being in a twin flame relationship can be intimidating and overwhelming but when there is a separation, this can feel like the end of your life.

A twin flame relationship is different than a regular relationship because it is one that the universe gives you with equality, respect and excitement.  It is a healthy relationship, for the most part, and does not leave you feeling trapped or disrespected.

It is easy to confuse a regular relationship with a twin flame relationship.

Why Twin Flames Leave

One of the hardest thing to go through in a twin flame relationship is when it ends.  These types of relationships start out as fairy tales but when things get stronger, the minds and spirits begin to clash and it can cause things to not feel so good.

Each twin flame will go through some type of hardship and even though this might be the perfect relationship, during this stage, it becomes hard and the relationship can be confusing.  Each person might question if the relationship was even real.

The answer is that it is real and the feelings that you have felt were part of the universe or déjà vu.  This isn’t a relationship that you should question but the purpose of the twin relationship is to help your soul become stronger and mature.  Even though they are hard, twin relationships help us to grow and can show us the parts of ourselves that are hidden away.  Our twin flame can show us our true feelings of anger that we feel for ourselves.

Sometimes, partners in a twin flame relationship get so angry at each other that it will cause them to move away and not work things out.


Part of life is learning to grow, not just physically but spiritually.  One of the biggest reasons a twin flame does not work out is because there is a lack of maturity.  People are not able to cope with their emotions and the spiritual immaturity causes there to be a bigger battle between the egos.  The bigger the self-centeredness is, the harder it will be to get along with each other.  The ego wants to be challenged but only to a point and a twin flame will challenge you in all aspects of life.

When people have strong egos, they will walk away form a person that makes them question themselves, and a twin flame does just that.

Lack of Respect

One of the biggest parts of being in any relationship is having respect and love.  A twin flame relationship can work out and be good if both parties have self-love and respect for themselves.  When you are learning to love yourself and are needy and cannot live without your partner, you cause them to not respect you.  This can cause the relationship to end.

Life Lessons

Life has to prepare each and every one of us and this needs to happen before a twin relationship will work out.  Sometimes, the relationship comes before the person is mature and before the person has learned about themselves.  So, when it comes too early, the life lessons are not learned, and the relationship has a harder time making it.  This can leave you sad and feeling very alone.


When a twin flame comes, sometimes the person is suffering from some type of loss or tragedy.  It could be death or abuse or some other emotional baggage.  Healing has to come before a relationship will work.

Not Time

Life is never set in stone and things can change moment to moment.  If a twin flame comes too early, it can mean that the relationship is hard and that there is a lack of trust and understanding.  This can cause the relationship to not work out and cause a separation that is hard.

Losing Them

When you lose your twin flame to death or to emotions or breakups, it can be hard to live without them.  When they leave, you will feel alone and like you cannot breathe.

You will feel that your life is crushed and that your dreams are never going to be the same.  You will feel numb and lost.

Nothing can feel as intense as the feelings you have after losing a twin flame.


You can get over and heal.  Greif will come but that doesn’t mean that your life is over.  You will heal as time comes.

You are strong and you deserve to be with someone that makes you happy, but you have to move on with life.  You have to open your heart and remember that the universe will be true to you.

Even though you feel broken and need to be whole, this can take time and you have to be patient with yourself.


You will find peace when you understand that this has happened because the universe is trying to make you mature.


Your separation will make you sad at first, but it will make you stronger.  Even though your loss is temporary, you will see that there is a process of healing and you will need courage to make it through.


Emotions are hard and scary to deal with.  Don’t try to suppress them and don’t let anger and depression cause you to hide from life.

One of the best ways to understand your feelings are through journaling and finding something else that makes you happy.  Don’t get into a rut of being alone, allow yourself to heal.


Remember that you are not the cause of what happened.  You will have emotions and you will see emotions, but your emotions are not who you are.  Even if you are suffering, you are more than your pain.

When you accept pain and open to it, it will allow you to know yourself more.  It can show you that you aren’t better yet and can reveal truth to you that you didn’t want to know such as what your insecurities are.

Pain shows you that you are full of love and that you have a tender heart.  When pain is accepted, it shows you that you can make it through anything.


Your twin flame is now your happiness or your wholeness.  You find this when you find self-love and you connect with the universe.  Your twin flame will be there to show you what love is and to show you how to look deep within yourself.


Change will happen when you surrender, and you allow life to bring you what it wants to.  Your pain will go away and you will be happy again.  Be kind to yourself and do not be mad at yourself or the world around you.  Remember, be open to letting things go.


Loving yourself in all of your problems, pain and mistakes will make you strong and will help you heal.  The universe is teaching you a lesson with each relationship, embrace it and learn to love yourself through it.

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