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How to Stop Overeating When You Aren’t Even Hungry

People often struggle with being overweight and one of the reasons behind this is because they overeat. Rather you are someone that wants to eat less sugar, or you are someone that has a hard time with eating too much, you have to understand that you have to have a good balance in your life.

There are some ways that you can work on not overeating and here are some ways:

Plate Size

People that eat off of huge plates will often eat more than they want. IF you want to eat less, you can do so by using a smaller plate. When you downsize your plate, it makes you feel fuller and tricks you into feeling fuller.

Drink Before Eating

One thing you can do to make you feel fuller is to drink a bottle of water before you eat. This can help you to feel full and can help you to not want to overeat to feel satisfied.

When you drink water, you are not drinking any calories like you will when you drink soda.


Volumetrics is when you eat things that are high fiber and low calories, and it helps you to feel full. This helps you not to overeat and allows you to eat healthy foods.

Dietitians believe that this is a way that you can get the nutrients that you want which can help you to feel full even when you eat less.

Box or Container

Controlling your portions is one way that you can stop overeating. Do not eat out of to-go containers or out of boxes or you will more likely overeat.

Portion control is important and when you eat, put your food in a plate and then put the rest away.

It is easy to keep eating when the food is in front of you and this can cause you to eat more than you should, or you need.


One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast. It is important because it allows you not to overeat throughout the day and helps you to stay fuller longer.

Eat something that is full of protein and have a breakfast that is balanced. This can help you not to want to snack and can keep you full until you eat your lunch.

Healthy Food

Stop buying junk food and learn to eat things that are healthier. Buy things such as fruit and vegetables and skip the chips and ice cream.

When you learn to pay attention to what you are buying, you can see why you are overeating and why you are gaining weight. If you do choose to eat junk food, make sure that you go for a walk and that you exercise to even out your calories and your physical activity.

Make sure that you eat things when you are hungry but know when you are really hungry and when you are just feeling bored or lonely. When you do that, you are able to make better decisions in what you eat and how much.

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